Weekend selection - September 13th 2019

Banner - Weekend selection - September 13th 2019

Here is your press review of the week with 5 new articles on technological news:

Facebook announces new features to boost its stories

Original title: "Facebook introduit plus de fonctions de monétisation et de création d’audiences" – Arobasenet

Informations : French, Advertising, 12/09/2019

Less used than on Instagram, Facebook stories are not a huge success. Facebook has decided to fix it by proposing new features:

  • Collaborative Stories: increase your visibility and your audiences
  • Fan Reply Stickers: add calls to action directly in your stories
  • Checkout: allow your users to buy directly through the platform

Deleting "Likes": towards a healthier Internet?

Original title: "Would the Internet Be Healthier Without 'Like' Counts?" – Wired

Informations : English, Social network, 12/09/2019

We saw it first on Instagram, then YouTube, and now Facebook and Twitter talk about it: we could soon not be able to know exactly how many people liked a publication or subscribed to a page. Should we go to a healthier internet? What do you think? Don't hesitate to go to our facebook post and discuss it.

7 tips of references for the link building of the images

Original title: "Seven SEO tips for image link building to generate more traffic" – Search Engine Watch

Informations : English, SEO, 12/09/2019

You know the proverb "a picture is worth 1000 words"! But did you know that in marketing, an image can also be worth 1000 links? Developing a good Link Building strategy for your images could play a vital role in your marketing success. Think about it!

The 10 marketing ideas of the week

Original title: "Les 10 idées marketing de la semaine (9-13 septembre)" – E-Marketing

Informations : French, Web Marketing, 11/09/2019

You lack inspiration? There is no shame in watching what the neighbor does! Here are the 10 marketing ideas that have marked the week and may help you find new inspirations for your marketing strategy.

These sites with the worst password policies

Original title: "Ces sites qui ont les pires politiques en matière de mot de passe" – Blog du Modérateur

Informations : French, Security, 06/09/2019

Aaah passwords ... We are asked all the time but no site has the same policy. Some even abuse the rules to prevent you from putting what you want: prohibition of certain symbols and special characters, prohibition of space, capitalization, length obligation ... If you too are tired of having to think about your words password, get a password manager! We love Lastpass ;-)

Sélection du weekend - 12/09/19

Ok! You up-to-date now!!

Yep, the debate on the disappearance of "Likes" and "Follow" on our social networks is gaining momentum, and there is some difference of opinions. Some people think that the Internet will be healthier without the pressure of encryption that weighs on our shoulders. But marketers are not happy to no longer be able to encrypt their statistics ... And you, what do you think? Pro or against? Tell us in comments :-)

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Happy reading :-)