The importance of unique and complex passwords

The importance of unique and complex passwords

In order to benefit from the functionality of certain websites and web applications, we are all forced to provide a password to authenticate us …

The number of services we need to subscribe to is constantly growing, and it becomes difficult to remember all these passwords inserted here and there. It is for this reason that many use the same favorite password for all their connections and registrations.

But there IS a problem, and it’s HUGE!

A unique password for each service?

The uniqueness of your passwords is extremely important to your security. Websites are sometimes hacked, and login credentials are stolen and resold most of the time. Hackers try to use these login credentials on other sites to access your other accounts and get hold of all your data.

Consequence: Stripped bank accounts, usurped identities, fraudulent use of data are all good reasons that should push us to strengthen your security and define an effective line of defense to protect your privacy.

Experts stress the need to define unique and complex passwords dedicated to each service.

Why do I need a complex password?

You think no one will guess your password !? There are programs that allow cyber criminals or hackers to try any combination of characters to find your password. And moreover, these machines use public information and custom algorithms to perform combinations.

It is therefore important to always use complex passwords.

How to set a complex password

To set a complex password you need:

  1. LONG: Have a password of more than 12 characters: The longer your password, the more difficult it will be to decipher or crack.
  2. CRAZY: Include numbers and symbols. Try to use a $ instead of an S or a 1 instead of an L, or include an & or %.
  3. UP and DOWN: Switch between upper and lower case letters. Alternating between these two elements will double the number of probabilities to study to decrypt your password.

Defining a unique and complex password remains the best solution for people who do not use a lot of portals and applications on the web.

Here are some examples of complex passwords :

  • zPb.v; 8t ~ BGX> Ep)
  • = 6Kgd. Ea7BhM ​​~ / V)
  • rKVL7cA8M / wf8P?]

What!? How to remember so many unique and complex passwords?

Although it is recommended to use a unique and complex password for each account we create, it is difficult to keep all these combinations in mind.

Fortunately, there are tools you can use to help you.

Password managers

A standard password manager installs as a plug-in on your browser or smartphone to manage the storing and editing of your passwords. When you connect to a secure site, it offers you to save the information inserted immediately on its platform. When you return to the same site, the manager proposes to automatically fill in the credentials required for your connection. If you have saved multiple connections on the same site, the extension will offer you to select among connections that are available. Some managers also detect password changes and offer to update the existing password automatically for you.

In addition, these platforms allow you to go to the vault and consult your passwords. These passwords are encrypted using your master password through a one-way process. This means that unless you know the master password, it is known to be impossible to recover these passwords. So it's a question of choosing a  SINGLE complex password, personal, unique that one remembers and that one does not share with nobody…

Now let's look at applications we recommend for managing your passwords.

1- LastPass

Benefits: Includes 1 GB of secure online file storage. Manages application passwords. Priority customer support. No ads. Available on mobile and computer version.

Disadvantages: Not so many, You can share individual passwords, yet the free version does not allow to have shared folder. But not everyone needs this functionality. In fact we prefer to share individual passwords than whole folders. Does not offer a huge improvement in the Premium version. But the free version is very advanced.

2- RememberBear

Advantages: Offers good basic features for password management. Syncs on your Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices. Fun user interface an interface dedicated to a bear. Hehe.

Disadvantages: Does not manage all connections and sessions to websites. Does not handle in browser authentication. Limited import options.

Summary: With an attractive user interface, RememberBear Premium makes managing passwords fun. It just does everything a password manager needs to do, but it does not go beyond basic functions.

3- KeyPass

Benefits: KeyPass being open source, this means that a number of people have reviewed the code and found it secure. Free. Its encrypted database is not stored by default on the cloud, but locally, for more security. Although you become responsible of its security.

Disadvantages: Although there are versions available for Linux, OSX, iOS, Windows Phone and Android, the only official version of KeyPass is Windows. Not so easy to use among multiple devices, and requires management. Some technical knowledge required.

Summary: The tools are free, your passwords are stored on your machine for more security. No versions available for Linux and iOS.

In conclusion

For more security on the net, choose unique and complex passwords to prevent hackers from decrypting them and use them to hack all your accounts and private data.

If you use more than five online portals and you have trouble remembering these five complex passwords, opt for a password manager like LastPass to make it easier. LastPass has managed to be chose as THE reference in the industry of password… And it is also the number one choice of 8P Design.

Do not hesitate. If you need help, contact us on our secure contact page, or on Facebook.

But please do not give us your passwords, otherwise we will pay for a team adventure trip to distant lands, at your expense! ;)