These companies that try to get your domain name

These companies that try to get your domain name

Your domain name isn't yours indefinitely. It expires on a specific date and usually you have to renew it for 1 or 2 more years as the deadline approaches.

There are companies specialized in recovering near-expiring domain names. If the procedure is questionable, it is legal.

How do they do it?

Before your domain name expires, you may receive a letter like this one below informing you of the expiration date. In our case, iDNS Canada sent us this letter:

Lettre iDNS

As you can see, this letter is more like an invoice than an expiration date note. It tells you that your domain name will soon expire and that it would be good to renew it ... You choose the renewal term: 1, 2 or 5 years, enter your credit card information and return the letter with the attached envelope.

BUT, this company is not the right place to register your domain name, it simply tries to make you transfer your domain to their services (for prices that are much higher than the average).

Thus, what one might consider as an invoice to renew a domain name is in fact a fraud (a very aggressive marketing method) to make you change the place where you usually register your domain name, which makes you lose control of it.

What should you do?

You need to pay close attention to mails of this type, because even if they appear official, they are not, so read it carefully before making any moves.

If you are still not sure about its origin, check with your registrar or the company that manages your website for more details.

At 8P Design, if you wish, we can manage your domain name and you will always remain its owner. Do not hesitate to consult our services to find out more.