Our week-end's selection - 15/05/2020

Bannière - Sélection du Weekend du 15 mai 2020

8P-Design presents its selection of the week with 5 new articles on technological news :

How to have a successful webinar? Some tips that will allow you to capture your audience.

Original Title : "How to create a webinar: tips, tools and key points to capture your audience" – Blog du modérateur

Informations : French, Webinar may 6th, 2020

The webinar allows you to capture your target audience, through live or pre-recorded videos in which you can share your expertise and feedback. Discover best practices for setting up a webinar.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: which one to choose?

Original Title : "Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: the main differences between the two video chat applications" – CNET France

Informations : French, Video conference, May 1st, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a massive use of telework and therefore video communication solutions. Here are reviewed the advantages of two of the most popular video chat services: Teams and Zoom.

Pinterest: its new organizational tool that keeps track of Pins.

Original title : "Pinterest Adds New Organization Tools to Boards to Assist in Planning " – Social Media Today

Informations : English, Organization, May 6th, 2020

Pinterest has just added a new set of planning tools to its interface to help users keep track of the ideas and inspirations they liked among the billions of Pins on the site.

GoDaddy hosting hack: check your credentials

Original title : "GoDaddy has apparently been hacked: check your credentials" – Arobase Net

Informations : English, Hack, May 6th, 2020

The GoDaddy host would have been hacked, if you have a domain name via GoDaddy, you can take a minute to reset your password and PIN and activate two-factor authentication if you haven't done so already. A necessary security measure against hacking your website.

How to use Google Meet, easily and for free.

Original title: "How to use Google Meet for free ?" – Blog du modérateur

Informations : French, Google Meet, May 5th, 2020

In this important period for telecommunication tools, Google offers its free version of Meet: a videoconferencing service allowing calls up to 100 participants. It's time to try it!

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