Latests technological news October the 22th 2020

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 8P-Design presents its selection of articles on the latest digital news:

Google targeted by American justice for abuse of a dominant position: a historic trial.

Original Title: "US Attacks Google For Abuse Of Dominance: A Landmark Lawsuit For Big Tech" - Moderator's Blog

Information: French, Justice, October 21, 2020

US justice accuses Google of violating US antitrust law. The institution believes that the web giant illegally maintains monopolies by infringing competition law in the Search and Search Advertising markets.

Photoshop innovates! Discover the latest news from the famous software.

Original Title: "Adobe Photoshop Launches Neural Filters, Sky Replacement, and More" - Moderator's Blog

Information: French, Photo editing software, October 20, 2020

With the launch of the new version of the software on desktop and iPad, a wave of new features is announced. We find in particular neural filters, the possibility of replacing the sky on the photos, a new discover panel and many others ...

Azure Modular Datacenter: Microsoft's new solution that allows you to access the cloud anywhere.

Original title: "Microsoft has created a portable data center for the cloud needs of remote areas" - Usine Digitale

Information: French, Technology, October 21, 2020

Microsoft has just launched a portable data center that covers cloud needs on a mobile basis and regardless of the geographic area. The first uses of this tool seem to be intended for humanitarian or military missions.

The Drawcon app lets you customize the icons of your apps on iOS 14.

Original title: "This application allows you to create unique icons for your apps on iOS 14" - Digital Century

Information: French, Application, October 21, 2020

Good news for iOS 14 owners! You can now customize your application icons in the style you prefer with the Drawcon application.

Amazon Shopper Panel project collects consumer data outside of the Amazon platform

Original title: "Amazon Shopper Panel: the program that aims to pay consumers to analyze their data outside of Amazon.com" - Century Digital

Information: French, Data, October 22, 2020

Pay users to analyze their data outside of the Amazon platform? This is what this new program called the Amazon Shopper Panel aims to do with the idea of improving the current platform.

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