Latests technological news November 19th 2020

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8P-Design presents its selection of articles on the latest digital news:

Twitter is adding a new “Stories” feature: Fleets.

Original title: "Twitter launches its stories: all you need to know about Fleets" - Moderator's blog

Information: French, Social networks, November 17, 2020

After Snapchat, Instagram and then Facebook, it is now the turn of the social network Twitter to align itself and offer a Stories feature to its users. Called the “Fleets”, they are similar in many ways to the first stories available on Instagram 4 years ago.

Tensions between Apple and developers, reduction in Apple's commission deemed insufficient.

Original title: "Apple cuts commission to 15% for some developers, insufficient to relieve tension" - Moderator's Blog

Information: French, Apple, November 19, 2020

With the idea of ​​supporting small businesses and developers, Apple is promising a 50% reduction in its commission. However, this announcement is controversial among large groups that are not affected by this aid, although they are responsible for the majority of App Store revenue each year.

Discover Saloon: an online platform for organizing B2B events.

Original title: "Saloon: the successful online B2B event organization platform" - Siècle Digital

Information: French, Corporate events, November 17, 2020

If there is one sector that has suffered from the ongoing health crisis, it is corporate events. No more convivial happy hours and other pleasures between colleagues ... But dry your tears and come and discover Saloon, an online platform specializing in the organization of professional B2B events!

Volvo is launching an “ultimate driving simulator” to improve the design of its vehicles.

Original title: "Volvo combines mixed reality, simulation and haptic combination to optimize the design of its vehicles" - Usine Digitale

Information: French, Automotive, November 19, 2020

Equipped with a mixed reality headset, a Unity game engine and a haptic suit, Volvo is launching its new driving simulator. The latter makes it possible to study in detail the reactions of the driver in different scenarios and therefore to optimize the design of Volvo vehicles.

11 tools that will allow you to create your first mobile application without coding.

Original title: "Create an Online Mobile Application Without Developer (11 Tools)" - Le Ptit Digital

Information: French, Mobile applications, November 17, 2020

If you want to build your Android or iOS mobile app without being a development expert and without hiring a developer, this article is for you! Find the 11 best tools to create an application simply and quickly.

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