Latests technological news June 12th 2020

Banniere - Latests technological news June 12th 2020

 8P-Design presents its selection of articles on the latest digital news:

Framer: the new free tool for collaborative prototyping

Original Title "This free and no code tool allows you to create prototypes collaboratively" – Siècle Digital

Informations : French, Wireframe June 12th 2020

No need to know how to code, no need to pay: here is Framer, the new collaborative prototyping software. It will allow you to make models for an application or a website and to share them quickly and simply with your collaborators.

The new Facebook translator ... which translates computer languages!

Original title: "A model developed by Facebook automatically translates one computer language into another" – Siècle Digital

Informations : French, computer science, June 11th 2020

Developed at the Parision laboratory “Facebook AI research”, this new translator translates one source code into another! It's called transcoder, come and find out in this new article from the Digital Century.

Photoshop Camera: the new free photo editing application from Adobe

Original title: "Adobe launches Photoshop Camera, a free application to easily filter and edit photos" – Blog du modérateur

Informations : French, Pictures, June 11th 2020

Announced during the Adobe MAX conference, it will be available on iOS and Android. The Photoshop Camera app will allow you to apply filters and edit your photos for free from your mobile phone! Come learn more about this smart touch-up app.

Snap Partner Summit Conference: What is new ?

Original title: "Snapchat asserts its uniqueness with several ads" – L'usine Digitale

Informations : French, Social media, June 12th 2020

The second technology conference “Snap Partner Summit” has been maintained. In the latter, Snapchat makes several announcements about new services available to its users.

New LinkedIn trainings available on diversity and inclusion to improve community understanding

Original Title: "LinkedIn Offers Free Courses in Diversity and Inclusion to Improve Community Understanding" – Social Media Today

Informations : English, Training, June 4th 2020

New free training is now available on LinkedIn, the main theme: diversity and inclusion. The social network helps to raise unconscious prejudices on the culture, the way to hire and keep various talents, etc.

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