Latests technological news July 3rd 2020

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Master the design and development of applications, selection of 5 online training courses

Original title: "5 online training courses to learn how to develop applications" - Blog du Modérateur

Information: French, Training, July 1, 2020

This selection of 5 online courses allows you to quickly learn how to develop applications, websites and more.

Google launches new site that brings together all the free resources for businesses

Original title: "Google centralizes free tools and training for businesses" - Blog du Modérateur

Information: French, Google, July 02, 2020

To help small local businesses and businesses in their resumption of post-COVID19 activity, Google has centralized all the free resources (training and tools) likely to support them.

Retaliation against China, India bans TikTok and 59 other Chinese apps

Original title: "TikTok is now banned in India" - Digital century

Information: French, Social networks, July 1, 2020

After a deadly confrontation between the two nuclear powers, India and China, India decides to retaliate and then prohibits 60 Chinese applications including the successful Tik Tok for "security reasons".

Infographic: How to build customer loyalty in 5 steps?

Original title: "Infographic | Customer loyalty in 5 steps" - Co-Marketing News

Information: French, Infographic, July 1, 2020

For a company that wants to last over time, knowing how to retain its customers is essential knowledge to acquire. But then, how do you do it? This Co-Marketing News infographic explains it all in 5 steps!

The new Youtube functionality: associate products with advertising videos

Original title: "New: how to associate products with a YouTube video ad?" - The digital ptit

Information: French, Youtube, June 23, 2020

A new feature associated with video ads, YouTube now allows you to link products to its video ads. Advertisers can now display a selection of products, such as an online mini-store directly under sponsored video campaigns.

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