Latests technological news July 17th 2020

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Hacking of certified accounts on Twitter, an internal investigation is underway.

Original title: "Twitter: massive hacking of certified personal accounts, suspicions of internal complicity" - Blog du Modérateur

Information: French, Hacking July 16th, 2020

A massive hack took place on Wednesday July 15, 2020 on the Twitter platform. The primary target of the hackers were certified accounts. Celebrities, large companies and platforms specializing in Bitcoin were then hit. An internal investigation is underway because the hackers would have had access to an internal control panel at the platform.

The new Gmail version brings together the essential tools for professional communication

Original title: "Google presents the new version of Gmail, which becomes a platform for professionals" - Blog du Modérateur

Information: French, Messaging, July 16th, 2020

Gmail has just released its new version dedicated to professionals with the aim of bringing together on a single platform all the essential communication tools. Chat rooms, shared files, third-party applications… Everything will be accessible in a centralized space.

Apple’s digital key will open and start your car with an iPhone.

Original title: "Apple reveals its digital car key" - Siècle Digital

Information: French, Innovation, July 17th, 2020

Start your car only using your iPhone and your Apple Watch seems to you imaginary? Apple once again pushes the limits of technology and unveils its digital car key! The tool is already available on iPhone and Apple Watch and rare vehicles are compatible now.

Dash Cart: Amazon’s new smart cart.

Original title: "Amazon unveils Dash Cart, an intelligent cart that scans your shopping" - Siècle Digital

Information: French, Amazon, July 16th, 2020

This new smart cart launched by Amazon will revolutionize the way you shop. Indeed, it scans each product that you place inside, allowing you to pay for your shopping without going through the cash register. “Come in, shop, go”.

Digital transformation: A 6-year leap forward due to COVID-19

Original title: "Digital transformation the covid has made companies jump 6 years" - Comarketing News

Information: French, News, July 16th, 2020

According to a “Twilio” study, the current health situation has allowed a jump of 6.7 years ahead concerning the digital communication strategy of companies.

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