Latests technological news December 3rd 2020

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IT giant Salesforce acquires Slack messaging app

Original Title: "Salesforce Acquires Slack for $ 27.7 Billion" - Moderator's Blog

Information: French, Messaging application, December 02, 2020

Salesforce was able to afford Slack, the popular business messaging app, for $ 27.7 billion. The two companies are complementary and this merger can be perceived as a response to competition, Microsoft which offers an alternative software to Slack (Teams).

Google's responses to the Page Experience update

Original title: "SEO: Google answers questions about the May 2021 Page Experience update" - Moderator's Blog

Information: French, SEO, December 03, 2020

This is something that should be of interest to all companies that are involved in the SEO of their solution, you can find in this article all the answers from Google regarding the Page Experience update scheduled for May 2021. As a reminder, this update update plans to enrich Google's ranking algorithms with user experience criteria.

The threat of hackers hangs over the transport of COVID-19 vaccines

Original title: "IBM alerts on cyberthreats weighing on the transport of vaccines against Covid-19" - Digital factory

Information: French, Cyber-attacks, December 03, 2020

It is IBM today that warns of potential cyber threats to the global transport of COVID-19 vaccines. The company got hold of a cyberattack in which hackers attempted to collect the credentials of companies involved in transporting vaccines.

How to internationalize your business through Google Ads?

Original title: "Translate Google Ads Campaigns: Our Tips for Successful Internationalization" - Le ptit digital

Information: French, Googles Ads, November 26, 2020

If you are already running Google Ads campaigns targeting customers in your home country, it might be time to think about internationalizing your campaigns. For this, it is essential to go through a translation stage of your campaigns. This will significantly increase your visibility abroad and therefore increase your international sales.

25 predictions for 2021 for social media marketing

Original title: "25 Forecasts for Social Media Marketing in 2021" - Social Media Today

Information: English, Web Marketing, November 30, 2020

In this article, find the various forecasts for the year 2021 concerning social media marketing. 25 social networks were scrutinized and you can find out what innovations are planned for each of them!

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