Latest technology news September 7th, 2021

Latest technology news

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Actualités technologiques du moment

Python: best programming language, again this year

Once again, it's Python that takes first place in the top programming languages list in 2021. This is the fifth consecutive year at the top of the charts for Python. Followed by Java and C. The IEEE ranking is a good way to orient ourselves and to know which programming language to prioritize in our professional practices. To learn more about the ranking, see the Blog du modérateur's article.

Original title: Python élu meilleur langage de programmation pour la 5e année consécutive - Le Blog du Modérateur
Informations:  French, Programmation, August 30th, 2021

A national American mobilization because of a major threat of cyber attacks

Last week, an important meeting took place at the White House. Indeed, Joe Biden has invited the tech giants to discuss the growing threat of cyberattacks in the United States and North America in general. Biden even raised the idea of an armed war resulting from cyber attacks. Through this emergency meeting, Microsoft has pledged to invest $ 20 billion in cybersecurity over the next 5 years. For more information on this extraordinary meeting, see the Presse Citron article.

Original title: Cyberattaques : les géants de la Tech promettent des milliards d’investissements - Presse citron
Informations: French, Cyberattack, August 30th, 2021

No more swipe up for instagram: a new sticker feature with links!

New feature for Instagram: no more swipe up to promote links in stories! Previously, users with over 10,000 followers had the option to add links to their story by asking their followers to swipe up. Now, Instagram is introducing sticker links. Indeed, the links can be added directly in the stories, to facilitate interactions. It's not yet clear if the minimum subscribers to access the feature will be the same, we'll have to stay tuned! For more information on the transition, see the Social Media Today article.

Original title: Instagram is Removing Swipe-Up Links for Stories, Replacing the Function with Link Stickers - Social Media Today
Informations: English, Social Media, 30 août 2021

Google remains Apple's default search engine, at a great price

It's no secret that Google has been the most popular search engine for a very long time. This success is no coincidence, for several years, Google has paid Apple a large amount of money to remain the default search engine on computers, iPads and iPhones! Recently, the news came out that in 2020 Google paid Apple $ 10 billion and in 2021, $ 15 billion. What do you think of these annual transactions, do you think it's time to switch search engines for Apple? For more information on the transaction, see the article.

Original title: Google paie 15 milliards $ à Apple pour rester le moteur par défaut - 
Informations: French, Google, August 26th, 2021

11 ways to increase your wifi performance

In this age of telecommuting, it's important to make our work environments as productive as possible. That's why Wired published an article describing 11 ways to increase your wifi performance! We can see solutions as simple as moving the router, but also some inexpensive gadgets that can boost routers! Personally, are you happy with your wifi at home, or are you considering using a tip from this article? For more information, see the Wired article.

Original title: 11 Ways to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Make Your Internet Faster - Wired
Informations: English, Remote working, August 29th, 2021

Actualités technologiques du moment

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