Latest technology news November 9th, 2021

Latest technology news November 9th, 2021

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Netflix officially launches 5 video games on Android

Netflix video games are finally here! But only for some of its users. Indeed, Netflix had been talking about wanting to launch video games for a long time. Since the beginning of November, it's finally available for Android users! Netflix started out with 5 video games: Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast and Teeter Up. It's important to note that all users have access to the games at no additional cost! In addition, all adult profiles have access to this new feature! Have you had the chance to test their video games? Are you interested? For more information, visit the Blog du Modérateur!

Original title: Netflix lance 5 jeux vidéo sur Android : comment ça marche ? - Blog du Modérateur
Informations: French, Video games, November 3rd, 2021

No more facial recognition on Facebook 

Let's be honest, Facebook is going through a rough patch right now. Due to a data breach, people lost their trust in the platform. In recent weeks, Facebook has therefore been trying to improve its reputation by making several important changes. One of the important points is that the parent company of Facebook is changing its name, it's now called Meta. Another important change is that Facebook will no longer use facial recognition. Over 30% of Facebook users have facial recognition turned on, which is mainly used to automatically identify people in photos. From now on, this feature will be disabled. Facial recognition is a controversial technology and is even considered dangerous. It's therefore normal that Facebook wants to fan the fires by deactivating it. For more information, visit the La Presse website.

Original title: Facebook n’utilisera plus la reconnaissance faciale sur sa plateforme - La Presse
Informations: French, Facebook,November 3rd, 2021

16 things that will slow down your website

When you have a website, it's important to constantly make sure that it's fast, efficient and that it ranks high in the Google rankings. That's why DesignMantic and Social Media Today have put together an infographic to help you figure out what could be wrong. We see, among other things, 16 elements that can slow down your website! To see the full infographic and to improve your website, visit Social Media Today!

Original title: 16 Features Slowing Down Your Website and Lowering Your Google Ranking [Infographic] - Social Media Today
Informations: English, Web development, October 24th, 2021

Microsoft Teams: Meetings with avatars now available

This month, many companies are now on their 20th month of remote working, due to Covid. That's why it's important for remote working tools to never stop renewing themselves and improving the experience for their users. To accomplish this, Microsoft Teams now presents avatar meetings in the metaverse. Beginning in early 2022, users will be able to create personalized avatars that mimic their facial expressions to make meetings more interesting and interactive. For more information on this feature, read the full article in the Moderator's Blog.

Original title:  Nouveautés Microsoft Teams : des réunions avec des avatars personnalisés dans le métavers - Blog du Modérateur 
Informations: French, Remote working, November 3rd, 2021

Zoom might now show ads with the free version

Since the start of its launch, Zoom has been free for almost all users. It's possible to have access to a paid version for some benefits, but the majority of users use the free version.That's why makers of the tool decided to attempt showing advertisements when using the free version. They're testing it right now and the ads are shown on the screen at the end of a Zoom meeting. The representatives justified this decision by saying that it was the best solution to ensure that they could continue to offer a completely free service. For more information on this decision, see The Verge article. 

Original title: Zoom is testing showing ads to free users - The Verge
Informations: English, Zoom, November 2nd, 2021

Actualités technologiques du moment

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