Latest technology news May 4th, 2021

Latest technology news

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Actualités technologiques du moment

The first images of twitter's new Super Follow and Tips functions have been released

Original title: Super Follow et pourboires Twitter : découvrez les premières images - Blog du modérateur
Informations: French, Social media, April 26th, 2021

Twitter has been talking about adding the Super Follow features and Tips for a few months now. This week, we finally get a taste of what these new features will look like! Engineer Jane Manchun Wong has posted some pictures of the features that will be presented to users when visiting their favorite profiles. Remember that Super Follow gives users the ability to subscribe to certain users, paid monthly. Tipping, on the other hand, is the possibility to tip users with cash, when you like their content. To see what the features will look like, click the full article!

Facebook plans to have its own podcast player directly in the app

Original title: Facebook is building its own in-app podcast player - The Verge
Informations: English, Podcast, April 26th, 2021

Big news: Spotify and Facebook are teaming up. However, independently, Facebook is also working on an in-app podcast player. Their association with Spotify will be more music oriented, while their player will only be for podcasts. This feature should be available in the coming months! We are very curious to see what this new feature will look like! For more information, click on The Verge article.

New Zoom feature: immersive video backgrounds

Original title: Zoom déploie les fonds vidéo immersifs pour des vidéoconférences plus réalistes - Les numériques 
Informations: French, Remote working, April 26th, 2021

Since the beginning of remote working due to COVID-19, ZOOM has been trying to renew itself regularly to offer new options to users. The latest update attempts to turn video conferencing into more immersive experiences! Their solution is to offer collective video backgroung. This way, when all the participants are connected, they all find themselves in a common background, giving the illusion of being in the same room. This is especially interesting for distance schooling, since teachers can simulate a classroom and have the children at virtual desks. Are you going to try this new feature? For more information, see the full article!

Instagram: 4 ways to boost your customer experience in 2021

Original title: 4 Ways to Amplify Your Customer Experience on Instagram in 2021 - Social media today
Informations : English, Social media, April 25th, 2021

We have already established that social media is an essential part of marketing in 2021. Instagram is the second most popular social network around the world, so it's important to renew your strategy on the app. That's why we invite you to check out Social Media Today's article to discover 4 ways to boost your customer experience on the app. Using hashtags effectively and using stories to your advantage, among other things! For more information, see the full article!

France: Watch out for this SMS

Original title: Attention à ce SMS, votre smartphone Android pourrait le regretter - Presse Citron
Informations : French, Fraud, April 29th, 2021

Be careful, a malware is currently roaming around for Android smartphones in France! The malware comes in the form of a text message for a delivery notification. It mentions that you missed a delivery and that you must click on the link to find out how to collect your package. The malware is called Flubot and is installed on smartphones using an APK file. Click on the article to read on how to get rid of this malware if you ever fall for it! 

Actualités technologiques du moment

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