Latest technology news May 18th, 2021

Latest technology news

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Actualités technologiques du moment

Google: a new data center in Beauharnois

Original title: Google confirme l’implantation d’un centre de données à Beauharnois - La Presse
Informations : French, Google, May 10th,  2021

On Monday, May 10, 2021, Google announced that it had acquired land belonging to Hydro-Quebec. First step in the construction of a new data center in Beauharnois. This center, located in Quebec, will be Google's first data center in Canada. All phases of this construction will create many jobs opportunities for Canadian citizens.This is a major project for Quebec! For more information about this project, see La Presse's new article! 

LinkedIn shares an interesting take on B2B marketing

Original title: LinkedIn Shares New Insights into Effective B2B Marketing Campaigns - Social Media Today
Informations : English, Marketing, May 4th, 2021

LinkedIn decided to play the honesty card this week: B2B marketing can be boring. But they bring an important question: does B2B marketing have to be so forgettable? They don't believe so! That's why they posted an infographic featuring 4 memorable examples of this type of marketing. It notably includes CISCO and Upwork. For more information and examples on how to make B2B marketing more exciting, check out Social Media Today's full article!

The Clubhouse app finally launches on Android

Original title: L'application Clubhouse cherche un nouvel élan auprès d'Android - Les Echos
Informations: French, Android, May 10th, 2021

Since its launch last year, the Clubhouse app had great success! To access the application, you must be invited so this element of exclusivity has helped create a buzz for the app. Recently, Clubhouse has seen their number of users decrease. That's why the application is now available on Android. Indeed, only Apple users we able to enjoy the app for the last year. Read the article for more information on this decision!

4 things about artificial intelligence that everybody get wrong

Original title: 4 ideas about AI that even ‘experts’ get wrong - The Next Web
Informations : English, Artificial intelligence, May 8th, 2021

Artificial intelligence is a concept that can be difficult to grasp. Especially since progress in this area continues to increase everyday! In their article, The Next Web states that even for experts it can be difficult to understand the depths of the concept. That's why they present 4 misconceptions we have about AI that are wrong and that even experts were wrong on. To read more on the subject, see the full article.

How will the disappearance of cookies will affect your business

Original title: Publicité mobile : les restrictions d'Apple produisent leurs premiers effets - Les Echos
Informations : French, Apple, May 6th, 2021

The protection of privacy on the Internet has always been a hot topic. That's why experts are starting to believe that cookies could be completely gone by 2022. In their article, Lime Blogue explains what this change means for your business and why this is good news for users. At the end of their article, they explain that it's now the perfect time to rethink your strategy in order to adapt! For more information, see the article!

Actualités technologiques du moment

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