Latest technology news July 13th, 2021

Latest technology news

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Actualités technologiques du moment

A guide to posting on Facebook in multiple languages now that multilingual posting is no longer an option

Original title : Le Picture-in-Picture sur iPhone et iPad sera bientôt disponible pour tous - Blog du Modérateur

Informations : French, Facebook, July 6th, 2021

YouTube users who own an iPhone and iPad have been waiting for this moment for several years! Finally, Youtube will allow users to watch their videos while doing other things on their Apple devices! Initially, a rumor circulated that only premium subscribers could benefit from it, but this rumor was denied: all users will be able to have access to this feature. It will soon be possible to use Apple products while having a Youtube video in a small movable screen! For more information on this app update, check out the full article!

TikTok reminds brands not to post advertisement, but to post TikToks

Original title : TikTok Reminds Brands "Don't make ads, make TikToks" - Social Media Today

Informations : English, TikTok, June 29th 2021

In recent years, TikTok has carved out a place for itself in the world of social medias, and thus of marketing! However, TikTok is keen not to become just a platform for advertising! That's why they recently shared a post advising brands not to post ads, but to post TikToks. They encourage businesses to post original content that naturally attracts users sooner than 100% advertising content. For more information on this communication from TikTok, check out the full article!

Samsung cancels release of new smartphone

Original title : Samsung aurait annulé le smartphone qu’on attendait tous! - Presse Citron

Informations : French, Samsung, July 6th, 2021

There was a rumor circulating in the tech world that Samsung was planning to release a new model of folding smartphone from their Galaxy Note line. Fans of this range were very impatient to see the new model since it was said to be more affordable. Bad news, Samsung had to cancel the design of this phone because of a semiconductor shortage! Samsung enthusiasts will have to wait a while to finally get a new model of folding phone! Check out the article for more information!

Why aren't passwords outdated yet?

Original title : Why the Password Isn't Dead Quite Yet - Wired

Informations : English, Cybersecurity, July 6th, 2021

The more technology evolves, the more a future without password seems to be more and more feasible! Indeed, new ways of authentication are emerging. This is good news, since passwords can be a nightmare sometimes! However, experts agree that we still have a long way to go to achieve a world without passwords. In their article, Wired discusses the history of the password, the issues with this system, and the future of authentication. To learn more about the future of passwords, check out their article!

Google Play is removing several popular apps as a precaution!

Original title : Vol d’identifiants Facebook : Google Play supprime 9 applications populaires - Le Blog du Modérateur

Informations : French, Cybersecurity, July 5th, 2021

For several days, Facebook has been the victim of credentials hacking on their application! Several apps are said to be the cause, including Rubbish Cleaner, PIP Photo, Photo Processing, Daily Horoscope, and many more. That's why Google has decided to remove these apps from their Play Store. Despite some of these apps having over 5.8 million downloads.

To hack Facebook credentials, these apps would require users to log into their Facebook accounts to avoid the numerous advertisements. For the full list of removed apps, see the Moderator's Blog article.

Actualités technologiques du moment

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