Our week end's selection - May 22nd 2020

Bannière - Sélection du Weekend du 22 mai 2020

8P-Design presents its selection of articles on the latest digital news :

EASYJET: Data of 9 million users hacked.

Original title: "Data from 9 million Easyjet customers hacked" – Siècle digital

Informations : French, Hacking May 20th 2020

The easy-jet airline was the victim of a hack, hackers managed to gain access to the data of nearly 9 million customers. Some have been hacked into their bank account. Assessment of the computer attack in this article.

Meet YouTube Select, the new advertising offer from YouTube.

Original title: "YouTube Select: the new YouTube advertising offer" – Siècle digital

Informations : French, Ads, May 22nd, 2020

With the new functionality "YouTube select", Google wants to attract advertisers from the world of television. The tool allows in particular to select content according to the centers of interest of a specific community, and therefore to better target its audience.

Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft's latest supercomputer

Original title: "Microsoft launches supercomputer to drive new models of artificial intelligence" – Blog du modérateur

Informations : French, Artificial Intelligence, May, 19th 2020

Announced during the online conference "Build", microsoft unveils a supercomputer, in partnership with the artificial intelligence company OpenAI. In particular, it will allow developers to design new artificial intelligence models from the Azure platform. 

Create your landing pages easily? Guide to the best tools.

Original title: "The best tools to easily create your landing pages" – Blog du modérateur

Informations : French, Webdesign, May 14th 2020

In advertising, a landing page (or landing page) is the advertising web page to which one is sent by a hyperlink, following a click on an advertisement. This page is very important because it allows you to confirm the initial offer. This article lists the best tools to quickly and efficiently lay out your landing pages without even needing to code.

How to be well referenced on Google as a Freelance?

Original title: "Freelance: how to be easily found on Google?" – Blog du web design

Informations : French, SEO, May 7th 2020

As a freelancer, it is very important to gain notoriety and therefore to appear in the first search results. But how to optimize your SEO on google? Details and advice in the article above!

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