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Facebook is releasing a new version of the Pages, without the “like” versions.

Original Title: "Facebook Removes" Likes "From Pages" - Moderator's Blog

Information: French, Social networks, January 07, 2021

Several changes were announced by Facebook regarding the Pages. The big news is the removal of "I like" mentions on them, there are only the subscribers who are a more representative number of people wishing to follow your news. The rest of the changes mainly concern the user interface.

Python language wins TIOBE language of the year title

Original title: "Python is elected computer language of the year 2020" - Moderator's Blog

Information: French, Programming, January 08, 2021

This is the 4th time that the Python programming language has been voted "Language of the Year" in the TIOBE ranking. Let us recall that this language is a programming language interpreted cross-platform which allows object-oriented programming. This title means that Python is the language that has gained the most popularity over the past year. Right behind him was the C ++ language.

An exceptional offer on the Elementskit plugin that improves the user experience in WordPress

Original title: "Good plan: Elementskit, a plugin to build your WordPress site in drag and drop" - Digital Century

Information: French, WordPress, January 05, 2021

Discover Elementskit, the plugin for Elementor that you will not be able to do without! For those who don't know yet, Elementor is a drag and drop WordPress website builder. The Elementskit plugin allows you to optimize the user experience as much as possible, and to have a real-time view of everything you are building, without special development skills. Last day to take advantage of its price reduction, $ 50 instead of 249, and that's for life.

How are social networks involved in the recent capture of the Capitol in the United States?

Original title: "What role did social media play in taking the Capitol?" - Digital century

Information: French, Social networks, January 07, 2021

Do social networks have a share of responsibility in the capture of the Capitol, observed 2 days ago? This article shows a detailed evolution of the massive use of social networks by President Donald Trump and his supporters, between challenging the results of the US presidential election and his call to stop the counts, how did it come to this?

Apple in talks with Hyundai to design the Apple Car

Original title: "Apple Car: ongoing discussions with Hyundai" - Digital Century

Information: French, Autonomous vehicle, January 08, 2021

It is announced by a representative of Hyundai, Apple would be in talks with the company with the aim of developing an autonomous electric vehicle: "the Apple car". Apple could market its vehicle by 2024. As of yet, no final decision has been made and Apple is reportedly still in negotiations with various automakers.

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