Transactional website development for this high-end outdoor products distributor.

Lowa Canada mandated 8P Design to set up their online sales platform for the Canadian market. A transactional site powered by an automatic data bridge right from the warehouses in Montreal. An automated management system.

We developed a user-friendly transactional website promoting the quality of the Lowa products. The optimized purchasing process greatly contributes to the user experience and increased direct sales.

The company now has a platform to interact directly with its customers and offer direct access to these products. With extraordinary customer service and speed of retroactivity, the company is a few steps ahead of the competition.

This creation was accompanied by the implementation of a high quality onsite SEO to allow the website to have top positioning on search engines. We have also collaborated on marketing campaigns, high level statistics. 8P Design is this Sports product Canadian distributor web partner for more than 10 years on several of their distribution platform.


The brand new LOWA website offers a strong web presence for high end sports products ! 


  • Advice and strategy
  • Corporate image and branding
  • Design and development of a bilingual Web site
  • SEO, SEM
  • Content structure and integration
  • Data bridge
  • Custom data management solution


  • Content management system (CMS) WordPress
  • Fully responsive design