The nanotechnology portal in Quebec

NanoQuébec is an organization funded by MDEIE (Ministère du Développement économique, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation), which aims to promote innovation in nanotechnology in order to increase the economic activity for nanotechnologies in Quebec.

The 8P-Design team has developed the new NanoQuébec corporate image branding, and implemented am intuitive and flexible Content Management System, allowing administrators to easily manage NanoQuébec website, membership, and the Quebec nanotechnology employment portal.

NanoQuébec site

8P-Design has integrated a content management system tailored to NanoQuébec requirements to enable them to administer the entire contents of the website.


  • Design and development of a bilingual Web site
  • Implementation of their customized Content Management System "CMS 8P-Design"
  • Memberships management tools
  • Employment portal management system
  • Event management tools; for conferences and special presentations.
  • Integration of content
  • Organic SEO – Search engine optimization
  • Corporate Image: Promotional brochures and various promotional tools

Content management system - Customized

  • Add, delete and edit pages
  • Manage the content of the pages
  • Insert images and media content
  • Manage the navigation and menu
  • Administer the employment portal and partnerships
  • Membership management


  • Content Management System: CMS 8P-Design. PayPal
  • Programming language: PHP / MySQL, XHTML / CSS and JavaScript