Established in 1997, the CSMO-ÉSAC is a group of organizations working in the employment sector of social economy and community action.

Our team has integrated a Drupal 7 based solution for the CSMO-ESAC, a robust content management system supported by a community of active developers. The CMS allows CSMO-ÉSAC administrators to completely manage the website in real time. Linked agencies now have the ability to publish their organization information and integrate their offered training courses; all this through a friendly and easy to us interface.


Its mission is to foster and strengthen cooperation and partnership to resolve labor problems common to this business sector.


  • Development and integration of an open source Content Management System; IE: Drupal 7 development
  • Development of a high-end management system within Drupal 7 with controled access for agencies;
  • Integration of the two directories "Professions" and "Training" in the new website.
  • Installation of advanced search engines to facilitate accessibility to information.
  • Module Configuration: Newsletter, news, poll, carousel pictures, online order form, E-learning, Quiz, and other advanced odules and features.
  • Content Integration
  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization


  • Content Management System:  Drupal 7
  • Programming Language: PHP / MySQL, XHTML / CSS and Javascript / Ajax
CSMO Screenshot
CSMO Screenshot