Clinique de psychologie Villeray Petite Patrie

Clinique de psychologie Villeray Petite Patrie

The Clinique de Psychologie Villeray Petite Patrie rents small offices to psychologist over short and medium term.

We have developed a renting management solution that lets the doctors reserve and manage their access to those offices, right from an online secured interface.The psychologists have live access to their invoicing, statements of accounts and their personal contact info & preferences... 24/7. Reservation and calendars are live and updated automatically for all users on the system.

Site Clinique de psychologie Villeray Petite Patrie

EN EN L'administration éffectue un contrôle complet sur les accès des usagers. Les cycles de facturation sont manuels, mais peuvent aussi se faire automatiquement.

User management

  • Multi-User with limited access. Managed by administration. User name & passwords.
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Integrated management of customers
  • User reports
  • The user (client) can change his/her personal information by logging in. All data is updated automatically
  • Integration of discounts and other pricing privileges.
  • Management for treated illnesses
  • Individual user preferences as to when to receive statements of accounts and other automatically sent notices.


  • Integrated management of the different offices.
  • Each office has different specifications. Hence each have their own information record with different pricing and schedule setup.


  • The user or admin can reserve a space with a simple click in the calendar. But can also reserve using advanced date parameters.
  • Long term reservation with automatic renewal.
  • Cancellations are completely managed by the system. There are very specific and flexible setups to accept cancellations depending on the type of reservations and the moment it is done. Fees can be applied depending on those specifications. So as an example: for a specific office, canceling within 24 hours could automatically impose a 50% charge to the user.

Invoicing and payment management

  • Invoicing cycles in this project were setup as monthly. They can be made manually for any period. The system allows invoices to be completely edited for corrections or special allocations. Invoices can be sent in batches to clients after the process. PDF document versions invoices and statements are created on the fly and can be viewed, printed or emailed automatically. All this considering the user and the administration preference setup.
  • PDF invoices and statements are nicely designed and reflects the company look. They are completely customizable.
  • Payments are entered by the admin and attached to a client. They automatically appear in statements and balances. Reports can be exported for financial accounting.


  • Holidays and closed periods are completely managed by the admin. No user can make reservations on those days.


Diverse filtered reports with searchable data and direct access to transactions and records with a simple click.

  • Client List with related account data.
  • Payments received by period
  • Invoice Report
  • Statements of account
  • Transaction and reservation reports

PLEASE NOTE that the system is secured and private, You cannot access the functionality without user name and password. If you would like a DEMO of this advanced business solution, please contact us. We will be glad to show you around!

I find it fascinating to see how such a database management solution can stimulate the growth of my business. I appreciated the flexibility of 8P-Design in the development phase. The final product was sticking to my needs more than what we expected!

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I chose the firm 8P-Design mainly because of the ability to understand my needs and translate the complex reality of my organization in terms of programming. I appreciated their flexibility in the development phase. The final product was sticking to my needs more than what we expected!

Our location booking system is very easy to use, even for some professionals less familiar with the internet. Billing is now done alone, with a few clicks. The time saving is significant. We can now spend more time elsewhere.

My expectations were more than met. I find it fascinating to see how such a database management solution can stimulate the growth of my business.